Like Millennials

Millennials, those “young” people who turn everything they touch into gold.

There are some who are doing the “regular” business,

and others who are doing what we used to call “silly things” or “leisure activities”.

And it works.

They make a big amount of money doing hobbies,

when I’m doing assiduously the work I don’t like to get so little salary.

They are only doing what they like and having fun.

It’s not faire.

I want to do like them.

What is their secret ?

What magic they are using ?


Actually, that is the secret.

Doing only what they like and

always having fun.

That is, following their heart, following the Universe without hesitation.

As they communicate with the Universe,

the Universe can see them, the Universe can hear them,

the Universe can give them what they want; inspirations, ways and means, money, etc.

If they can do it, so can we, the “older” generation.

The difficulties we have is that we already have common sense

and we have been taught to think of our public image.

We tend to give up many things we like to do.

I’s hard to overcome the habit.

Also, we feel much fear when we take actions that we are not used to.

But, there is no other way, we need the constant practice,

the constant practice to enjoy our life, working through one by one.

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Happy Birthday to Me !

For your birthday, you can host a big party,

let somebody invite you for a dinner,

spend a nice day with your family, etc.

But if you are alone, what can you do for your birthday ?

Here are some suggestions… it’s for me !

–  Take a day off

My birthday is a day for me ! I do only what I want to do.

–  Sleep in

Until my cat wakes me up…

–  Take a breakfast in bed, reading a book, playing with my cat

I don’t get up until I’m feeling to do so.

–  Take care of my skin, my hair, my nails, etc.

I make me beautiful !

I like doing them by myself, but I can go to a beauty salon, too.

–  Buy a present to myself

Habitually if there is something I want, I’m buying them all, as I am the queen of my life !

So, I don’t have anything special I want for my birthday !


some good cooked dishes

a (half) bottle of champagne

a birthday cake

–  Make a beautiful table setting

Oh, I haven’t think about it. Tant pis !

Spend the evening as I like

I can do something exceptional, but I can just get cosy, too.




What I really want to do

A Japanese spiritual leader, Happy-chan, always asks us,

“If there is no worry about money at all,

and when you ignore all physical conditions,

what do you want to do ?”


You don’t have to get anywhere.

You don’t have to make the top.

You don’t have to do it well.

It can be absolutely unproductive.

It can make no money at all.


As for me,

I want to be always with my cat.

I want to stay at home and read books.

I want to do handicrafts.

I want to paint.

… Not productive at all.










If I’m happy, everything will work out well.

I decided to quit my work.

But, after that, I suffered from anxiety.

Will I find another work easily ?

Will I get enough money with doing things I love ?

Will I be able to leave my work at the timing as I desire ?

etc. etc. etc.

Darkness settled over my thoughts.

And then, I realized that

again, I only think about the problems.


It is natural that I feel fears.

Everybody has fears when he does something new to him.

I’m not fired, it’s me who want to leave the job.

So, I can choose the timing which is best for me.

I can take time to find my ideal work.

And then, I remembered the statement,

“If I am happy, everything will work out well.”

Now, I feel much better.

I stop worrying about my future, and I will do everything that makes me happy.






A push I needed

For this one year, I just lived with single aim to be happy.

I put off every decision, thinking I’d decide when I got 55 years old.

And I’ll be 55 years in few months.

I have to make a decision for my work…


I was very upset when I was told that I would change my work team,

because it was too sudden. I wasn’t prepared for it.

But, now I think that the Universe gave me an occasion to think about it.

If this wasn’t happened, I would continue in the actual situation till I get 55 years old,

I’d begin slowly to think, and then maybe I’d determine something next year…


Now, I have to think about my real happiness.

I should quit the job I don’t like to start something I really love.


The Universe can only give me good things.

I should not worry, and make up my mind.













Think about what I want

This morning, just after I woke up, I got grumpy.

“I don’t want to go work, I don’t want to go work…”

In walking the street, I realized my feeling of gloom, and I said to me.

“Don’t think about the bad things, if not, the bad things will continue.

Think about what I want.”


What do I want ?

Some days ago, I was told of changing my work team, to that of a boss I don’t like.

“If I have to work with her, I’d rather quit my job.”

I’m doing the job I don’t like. In addition, I have to endure the worst condition.

So, what I want now is to quit my job I don’t like.


Quitting a job is easy, suffice it to say. But I need money to live.

I want to live with my passion; my handicrafts, paintings, or other creations.

But I’m not yet ready to earn much money with it, unless a miracle happens.

So, what I want now is to change my job to that which I like.

But, what job do I like ?


What I don’t like with my actual job is the contact with many people and selling.

When I don’t like people, I like little animals very much.

And since a short while ago, I get the keyword “animal” everywhere.

Maybe, I can find a job with animals.

I’ll see what kind of works with animals exist.